The landscaping, or lack thereof, can make or break the sale of a house. Having the proper curb appeal will add more value to your home, and have the “pull” that people look for when looking for a home. With a great landscape design, incorporating the right style and the right amount of care, can easily help increase your home’s worth. Here are a few ideas on how to make your landscaping stand out from the others, to help you get the sale.

1. Have a Plan: Planning out your landscape design ensures the view flows nicely and stays within budget. Mountain Road Landscaping can help create a design that works with whatever drainage problems, sun & shade exposure, and anything else your land has to offer without wearing out your budget.

landscaped plant area with wellbarrow filled with mulch
red maple tree by brick house

2. Consider Adding A Tree: Trees increase the value of your home by about 10 to 15%. They provide shady spots making the yard more refreshing and more enjoyable. Trees also can be a stress reliever for the occupants of the house.

3. Stick With A Style: Don’t bounce between styles when it comes to your landscape and make sure it will look beautiful with your home. It needs to have a natural flow no matter where you’re looking in the yard. 

aerial view of home with inground pool, landscaping & paver patio
brick house with landscaping

4. Keep It Well-Manicured: Keep your grass short and looking well maintained. Seeing a well-manicured lawn with crisp edges where you can see a distinct line between the yard and the driveway, sidewalk, etc., gives the illusion of low maintenance. It also shows how well the house has been taken care of.

5. Make It Colorful: Don’t be afraid to add color and depth to your landscape. Think about the aroma of specific plants as well. The front and back of your house can smell like a peaceful meadow, and some flowers attract butterflies and birds.

brick house with blue flower bushes

Mountain Road Landscaping offers a range of services to our customers after we have completed the design and installation of their dream outdoor living spaces throughout the Lehigh Valley and Pocono area.

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