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Landscaping Trends of 2021

Looking for the season’s hottest ideas for your property? Just because quarantine is over doesn’t mean you have to toss your gardening and landscaping plans out the window. Here are three of this year’s hottest landscaping trends!

Cottage Gardening

Originating from English peasantry and laborers, the cottage garden was made by and for people who didn’t have the time for a high-maintenance garden. Cottage gardens are tightly packed, with herbs, spices commonly used for cooking and for medicine, and functional flowers that are both dainty-cute and keep bugs away.

These days, cottage gardens keep the tightly packed aesthetic while adding soft, curving hardscape stone paths, quaint fences to keep everything in, mixed and matched flower species, and making a very unique, eclectically decorated garden.

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Edible Landscape Trends

Lawns take up three times as much space as corn plantations making it the largest, water-demanding, unsustainable ‘crop’ in the United States. With eco-friendly trends on the rise, old is new again with the return to Victory Garden-esque solutions of World War 2. Growing your own food guarantees the freshness of the produce, cuts down on water wasted on a fruitless lawn, and saves the planet by lowering logistical emissions from produce delivered to the grocery store!

When choosing what to grow, consider: How much time do you have for maintenance? Will you eat what you’re growing? These decisions will affect what you should and should not plant. Many people prefer to grow lower maintenance, single plant foods such as tomatoes, cherries, and berries – this means that the plant doesn’t need to be uprooted like potatoes, onions, garlic, and carrots. This means you can have beautiful, leafy landscaping as long as the year allows without the risk of an empty patch if your plants don’t take.

Another thing to consider are animals and pests; some plants are more animal resistant than others. Leafy vegetables attract animals, but certain vegetables are less appealing to rabbits, deer, and groundhogs. Consider eggplants and cucumbers to keep them away and hot peppers to repel bugs. Planted with functional flowers and herbs like lavender, mint, lemongrass, and chrysanthemums you’ll save on the need for pesticide and harvest a healthier, tastier crop than ever.

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Hardscaping means decorating your outdoor space with stone, mulch, gravel, pavement, statues, and more. Not exclusively for large spaces, hardscaping only takes a capable designer to transform even the smallest of spaces – such as trending outdoor dining nooks. Build upwards to maximize space by using stone retaining walls that double as seating areas great for fire pits. Looking to make your outdoor space an oasis? Add space-efficient fountains to keep a cool spray of fresh water in the warmest of months!

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