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Lawn Maintenance Service Can Save You Time and Money

Everyone wants a beautiful yard, with a lush green lawn, healthy trees and shrubs. However, you may not want to put in the time or the physical effort needed to do so. When considering a lawn care service look past the bottom line price. One should consider a lawn care company that can provide additional services for when you need them, as the needs of your yard can change from season to season.

Consider, what is your time worth? You will have to spend several hours determining what exactly your lawn needs. What equipment to buy to properly care for the yard. Invest the time to drive to the different stores to buy equipment, fertilizer, seed, and whatever else you might need. Don’t forget the recurring weekly time commitment you will have of mowing and maintaining your lawn.

Contrast this with the time you spend hiring a landscaper… Additionally, any reputable lawn care contractor will be licensed and insured, so, you won’t have to worry about liability, that you might kill your lawn, and how to properly store fertilizers and pesticides, applying the chemicals and disposing of them.
It is true, that some people derive satisfaction from working on their lawn. If that’s you, then go for it…enjoy! However, if you would rather spend your time doing things that may be more meaningful to you without the stress of worrying about when you can fit in the time to care for the lawn, then hiring a lawn care company might be the better decision you could make, not to mention saving money and having the peace of mind that it will be done right.

From landscaping designs, installation, and lawn care, our mission is to make and keep your lawn at its best. We oversee the entire process, from planning and design stages to the installation and final touches. Mountain Road Landscaping offers a range of yard maintenance services to our customers. Our maintenance services help to keep your landscape looking amazing all year long, and includes everything from mowing and pruning, to weeding and re-mulching. We are happy to work with you and assist in maintaining the beauty and health of your property in the Lehigh Valley and Pocono Mountains area.