With how warm this winter has been, it’s only natural that you’re itching to get outside to enjoy your deck, patio, or yard. Does your outdoor space need an upgrade, though? It comes down to how much time you’re going to spend outside and how much entertaining you’re planning on having. Will your outdoors be a fun escape for the family where you can enjoy a good meal, or will you be entertaining your friends and family with parties every other weekend?

What are some trends to consider for your space?

● Durable, but Sustainable Designs: Your outdoor living space needs to be functional, but it also needs to be able to hold up to the elements. While you may end up bringing in items like the cushions, most of it will be left outside. Look for products that are durable and environmentally conscious. Choose sturdier wooden items over plastic, making sure each item is water-resistant. These choices will end up helping the environment while saving you money since you’ll be able to hold onto them for years.

● That Pop of Color: The design for outdoor living spaces tend to have a more natural feel or have a modern feel with stainless steel accents mainly because of the grill and other outdoor appliances. To spice it up, use brightly colored fabrics for the furniture or of a few pillows. A lot can go a long way.

furnished deck
outdoor family dinner

● Light It Up: The party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting will take your space to the next level, and double to time you use it. You can use electrical lights, solar-powered lights, or a combination of both. To keep bugs away, get a few bug repellent candles to add to the ambiance.

● An Ice Maker or Fridge: To prevent people from going in and out for cold drinks, have the means set up outside already. You can have a refrigerator, an ice maker, or both set up outside to make drinks easily accessible. A fridge also allows storing your party food within arms reach.

coastal outdoor space

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