There are so many fabulous choices out there. As landscaping design contractors, we aim to please our clients with beautiful lawn and garden designs with products that suit their lifestyles.


Stone or Mulch: Which Should You Choose For Your Next Landscaping Project? 1

    • Organic material that is spread over the soil as a cover, typically bark, twigs, wood chips, compost, and manure.
    • Reduces the rate water evaporates from soil by locking in moisture
    • Cuts down need to water often
    • Keeps soil temperatures cooler
    • Breaks down over time, thereby providing nutrients to the soil
    • Needs to be replaced
    • The drier and thicker the mulch, the longer it will take to break down into soil
    • Not a preferred choice near pool areas or water features as it may blow into the water or run off from rain
    • Suppresses weed growth
    • Potential for fungal growth

Stone or Mulch: Which Should You Choose For Your Next Landscaping Project? 2

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Cheaper than stone


Stone or Mulch: Which Should You Choose For Your Next Landscaping Project? 2

  • Never needs replacing, doesn’t decompose
  • Colors do occasionally fade; can be topped off/refreshed every 6-10 years
  • No need to reapply except in rare circumstances or personal preference changes
  • Available in unlimited sizes, shapes, and colors
  • Great choice to use around pool areas; won’t wash out onto these areas or dirty the water
  • No flying debris
  • More costly than most mulch materials
  • Reduced fungal growth; not a food source for fungi to grow
  • Coordinate the stone with and as walkway material and hardscaping
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Using mulch or stone can be more than a personal preference, as they both have positive and negative attributes. Both stone and mulch can really enhance the curb appeal of your property when you add them to the flower beds and around trees and shrubs. You may find it is advantageous to use both of these materials in planning your landscaped front and backyard. Call Mountain Road Landscaping & Hardscaping Services (Pocono Mountain area) (570) 350-6408 or Lehigh Valley area (610) 428-4102 to discuss your options and learn about our expert landscape and hardscape design services.

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