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Summer Sun? Landscaping That’ll Beat The Heat

Summer’s here and it’s really starting to get hot, hot, hot! Plants do love sunlight, but are you prepared to put in the maintenance that some plants need to withstand the pressure? There’s an easier way with no-fuss warm-and-hot weather landscaping options that’ll still turn heads and won’t break the bank!

Arid Landscaping

An experienced landscaper knows best, but the customer always has a say on what they want for a specific project. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be well informed. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that planting season is over! Change those spring seasonal’s to more sturdy flowers and short shrubbery. Not into mulch? Consider a rock garden! Peek at our suggestions below for a flashy, low-maintenance summer grow.


Shrubs and Leafy Plants

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Add on to your fresh lawn and new garden with hardscaping elements this summer! What is hardscaping? Walkways, fountains, fire pits, patios. Anything that involves stone, concrete, or wood. Looking for a zen space? Hire Mountain Road Landscaping to build a brand new outdoor tea room or gazebo structure. Itching for that post-pandemic bonfire? We’ll build a permanent fire pit or outdoor fireplace that’ll turn heads while the marshmallows sizzle. For all these structures there’s many options of patios and walkways that’ll give you a clean look with easy upkeep. For a bonus all-day look add some lighting to really set that calm evening mood.


Only large spaces benefit from waterscapes, right? WRONG! You don’t need to have a giant waterfall in your backyard to enjoy a cooling water scaping fixture and there’s a wide variety of options. For small spaces, choose small pond waterfalls resembling a trickling stream or babbling brook. There are also many options of small to medium fountains disguised as flower pots, driftwood, or sculpture that fit in surprisingly small spaces.

If you have the square footage, however, we recommend a bigger, ornamental waterfall or pond system. Maybe a natural touch of hardscaping to a tiered pond near a swimming pool to add the illusion of natural flow.

Whatever your project, big or small, call Mountain Road Landscaping! The only thing you’ll have to do this summer is sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space. No mowing, sweating, or stress needed.