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When the springtime approaches, it seems to rejuvenate all living things. We all feel a sense of renewal and desire to enjoy the outdoors. That’s why it’s essential to perform some lawn maintenance and general landscaping cleanup to take you from spring to summer. The following helpful tips can help prevent your beautiful lawn from being overrun with weeds, and dried out from drought and heat.

  • Remove all accumulated junk and debris from your yard.
  • Rake up any matted areas that might harbor mold from the winter snow. This encourages air flow throughout the turf grass and prevents potential lawn diseases and insect infestations; allowing new grass to grow.
  • Fertilize the lawn to provide the necessary nutrient build up to maintain the strength to withstand stress from the heat and potential drought through the summer months.
  • Re-seed any damaged turf as winter activity from snow, salt, and snow plows may have damaged lawn areas. However, if you are going to apply a pre-emergent weed control do so after re-seeding, as pre-emergent weed control is non-selective, it will prevent any seed from germinating.
  • Now is the time to apply pre-emergent crabgrass control. It should be applied before soil temperatures reach 55-60 degrees. After that, the weed seeds will have begun to germinate and the pre-emergent will no longer be effective. Crabgrass can be difficult to get rid of once it has germinated.
  • Begin core aeration as soon as possible to allows water and air to reach the roots faster. This will bring new growth and increase the root development. Core aerate before the soil temperature reaches that 55-60 degrees, after this point it will only be an invitation to aggressive weeds seeds.
  • Next, take a look around you..what do you want to see?

Enjoy your summer with a fabulous outdoor kitchen, water features, and living space. We can turn your backyard into a garden oasis. Call Mountain Road Landscaping for beautiful landscaping and hardscaping designs and installations. Mountain Road will keep your landscaping looking great all year-round.

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