Every state and every town has native plants that are thriving. There’s obviously going to be similar flowers that you see in the surrounding states, but it comes down to the water resource, weather patterns, the type of soil, the type of wildlife, and more. Because they’ve adapted so well to the land they’re able to grow a lot faster and a lot stronger than other varieties of plants that, for example, do much better in warm climates. If you’re looking for a lush, expansive landscape, to set the right tone for your property, here are four reasons why sticking with native plants is the best option!

  • Less Maintenance: First and foremost, it will be so much easier to take care of a garden with plants that work well in this area. While seeing more exotic plants grow and expand throughout the garden can be fun, if you don’t have a lot of time to focus on that much work, it can be more frustrating than relaxing. If your garden can basically grow itself with regular maintenance, you will get much more joy out of it.
  • Resource Management: Because of how easy native plants integrate themselves into the area, you won’t need nearly as many resources to take care of them. This means that you’ll end up saving money with water, soil upgrades, fertilizer, and more. It’s not to say you’ll never need to add a little extra now and then, but it will be significantly less.
  • Preserving the Species: It’s hard to believe how many species of plants exist not just in the entire country, but in each state. If a plant isn’t native to the area, but is known for adapting well to new locations, there’s a strong chance it will adapt and start taking over. On the surface, this may seem fine. The reality is that if it gets out of hand, it can take over precious space of a native plant, ultimately killing any chance it has to survive. It’s important to keep as many native plants in the area as possible.
pink flowers with a butterfly on it
  • Helps Wildlife: Whether it’s deer or butterflies, the wildlife depends on their home for food, water, and shelter. Making sure the native plants stay in the area gives the local wildlife the comfort of knowing what each plant is and whether or not they can eat it. Insects are the same. Pollinator plants keep bees, butterflies, and other insects going throughout the seasons.

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