Sunflowers have a way of making it feel much brighter, even when it’s an overcast day. They get their name for two reasons. The first is because they literally look like little balls of sun growing in your garden. The second is because they will follow the sun throughout the day to get as much of the light as possible. It’s fun to watch them change positions throughout the day only to end up in the same position the next morning. Here’s why it’ll be fun to have a few or an entire garden of sunflowers.

  • They’re great pollinators: If you love visits from various birds, bees, and other wildlife,  sunflowers are the way to go.. Stick with non-GMO, organic seeds to make sure everything is safe to consume not only by the creatures but you as well.
  • They’re beautiful for centerpieces: If you want to bring a little bit of sunshine into the house, sunflowers make a huge statement. They look wonderful on their own, or you can have a few other flowers mixed in with them. They’re especially nice on a rainy day when you need a little bit of extra sunshine.
  • Detox the soil: Sunflowers are one of the few that can help decontaminate your soil. They can absorb any poisonous chemicals, heavy toxic metals, and more. Your soil will be much healthier to work with when sunflowers are planted nearby.
  • You can consume them: You have your own personal supply of sunflowers seeds to munch on. They’re a great source of Vitamin E and other healthy nutrients. Just be careful consuming them if you’re using sunflowers to detox the ground.