Trees instill an incredible presence. While a landscape is filled with bright, vibrant flowers and shrubs, they don’t have the same effect as a tree does. Your area may be beautiful, but a tree gives the yard a sense of comfort and coziness. With how low maintenance and environmentally efficient they are, it’s no wonder why people repeatedly seek them out. Here are a few reasons why you should include an appropriately-sized tree in your landscape design or on your property in general.

Environmental Benefits: Whether it’s a huge evergreen tree that’s been around for decades or a sapling you just planted, trees are exceptionally beneficial to the area around them. They can help boost the oxygen levels in the air, absorb rainfall – lessening the impact from a storm or mild flood, and reduce noise and air pollution. They even create a shelter or home for birds, squirrels, and other wildlife in the area. Depending on their height, trees can help reduce the yard’s temperature and provide a shady spot to sit even during a hot summer day.

home front yard in fall time

Economic Benefits: Did you know trees can reduce your energy bill? Ones that are as tall as or taller than your home can act as a windbreaker. They also provide shade during the spring and summer, which helps keep the area cooler. In fact, your HVAC system, or however you heat and cool your house, won’t have to work nearly as hard to keep everything comfortable inside. What’s even better is that trees are low-maintenance. They mainly survive off the water that’s in the ground. If it hasn’t rained in the few days, or your area is going through a drought, you’ll have to water the tree, but mostly it’s self-sustaining.

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• Mental Health Benefits: What about the benefits to your mind? One big one is the carbon dioxide/oxygen exchange. You’re getting a healthy dose of oxygen every time you’re around a tree which helps brain function. Most days you’re probably stuck inside, whether it’s because of your job, cleaning the house, or whatever else. The only time you might spend outside is the walk to and from your car between activities. Trees and nature help reduce stress levels, letting you relax. Even going out in your yard and sitting by the tree with a book, some music, or fun activities with the kids can relax you.