bbq chicken
  1. Have a fire extinguisher, sand, and/or water handy for emergencies and store the extinguisher/sand properly.

  2. Choose a safe location for your BBQ grill or pit that is a far away enough away from your house, seating area and play area to avoid property damage, accidents and burns.

  3. Read BBQ grill instructions; familiarize your new or new to you grill, take it out for a test drive before inviting the gang over.

  4. Caution should be used when barbequing with charcoal and lighter fluid. Charcoal grills are the cause of more fires than gas grills. Keep long hair in a ponytail.

  5. Gas grills should be inspected regularly; make sure gas lines stay clear of blockage and free from bugs and insects.

  6. Never use an old defective BBQ; make sure it’s in good working order.

  7. One person should be in charge of the grill/BBQ; never leave it unattended especially when children are around.

  8. Wait to indulge in beer and alcohol until you finish grilling.

  9. Keep control of fire to avoid burns, burnt food, and property damage.

  10. Watch the smoke and be courteous of others. Grill smoke contains carbon monoxide, PAH, and other dangerous and cancer causing agents. So enjoy the smell from a distance.

  11. Speak to your children about safety hazards of fire.

  12. Be aware of food storage and outdoor cooking issues to avoid food poisoning.

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