It’s the time of year when fall foliage is at its best! This means mums, pumpkins, haybales, cornstalks, and more! So while it’s time to put away your summer decor, and prepare the warmer plants for the colder months, it’s also time to decorate with the reds, yellows, and oranges that we all love during the autumn. Here are a few ideas that will spruce up that drab porch and landscape. All of these can be done with real or faux pumpkins depending on your style and what you want to spend.

flower pots
  • Use a pumpkin as a planter for your chrysanthemums. The pumpkin needs to be big enough to hold a plant pot and a hole needs to be drilled in the bottom of the pumpkin so water can drain properly. Other plants like cabbage and kale can be planted like this as well.
  • Who said a pumpkin had to be orange? There are a variety of colors for pumpkins or gourds. If you can’t find the perfect color then the next best thing is to paint it yourself. There are so many designs to choose from a classic white to pastel colors, to going a little out there with plaid.
pumpkin fountain
  • Do you have a water feature that you shut down for the cooler months? It’s a perfect place to arrange some pumpkins, gourds, and mums for a new kind of landscape decor.
  • A festive wreath isn’t strictly for Christmas. For fall, a wreath can give a door that extra edge to tie the whole front together. It could consist of dried oranges, herbs, lavender, cinnamon sticks, small gourds, or anything else if your liking.
fall wreath
pumpkins on hay
  • Nothing says fall like bales of hay. One or two bales in the front or around the porch can really give off that autumn vibe. Put some pumpkins on top to give it more personality.

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