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The Perks of Fall and Winter Hardscaping

The fall and winter months are considered the “off” season for commercial and residential landscaping companies, but did you know that these slower and colder months actually provide the best opportunity for hardscaping projects?

Less Landscaping Damage

Independent of how carefully you plan, hardscaping can damage the living landscaping on your property no matter if you’re installing a fire pit, patio, porch, or deck. Grass, plants, shrubs, and trees can all be affected during hardscape project installations. Thankfully during the winter months, these living elements become dormant and less susceptible to damage and intrusion. Certain techniques can help reduce stress during winter and the lack of foliage on your plants and trees while also making moving materials much easier for your contractors. It’s also a great time to consider planting evergreens and other winter foliage post-winter hardscaping projects.

Save Money On Winter Hardscaping

As previously stated, fall and winter are the ‘off’ seasons for many landscaping businesses. Schedules are freed up and with the need to drive business, crews are ready to schedule your project. With more hands available, landscaping and hardscaping companies are able to allocate more workers to a job and complete the project in a shorter amount of time.

Getting Your Whole Yard Ready For Winter

Newly set hardscape projects should be coated with a stone or masonry sealant before the first frost sets in, making it important to maintain your new project before winter weather truly sets. Given many weeds are also dormant, winter hardscaping can give you a major leg-up in the fight against them. Use this time to weed whatever may still be in your yard to ensure they don’t return in the summer. Speaking of plants, your living landscape should be dormant after a first frost, making now the ideal time for trimmings, prunings, and more! Call Mountain Road Landscaping for all your fall and winter hardscaping and landscaping needs!