hardscaped elevated gazebo

Retaining walls are structures built and designed to hold back earth for various utilitarian and aesthetic purposes. They are typically built from poured concrete, concrete blocks or pavers, lumber, rocks and boulders which add a little more texture and interest to your landscaped property.

Prevents Soil Erosion. You can prevent soil from being washed away; the wall will prevent rainwater or irrigation water from washing off soil from your property.

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Provides Added Stability. Landscaping a sloped back or front yard poses challenge as the sloping can lead to soil moving downward and potential drainage problem. A retaining wall will redistribute and accommodate the pressure causing the soil to slide downwards and a drainage pipe can be added.

hardscaped circular alcove leisure space

Creates Aesthetic and Visual Interest. An artificial hill can be built to separate your property from a neighbor’s, enclose your garden, pool or patio area to create beautiful outdoor living spaces and incorporate multi-use spaces. Retaining walls can be used for additional seating, separate planting areas, fire place, BBQ/stove, outdoor lighting surfaces, steps, etc. Retaining walls don’t need to be perfectly straight; instead build them in a curve to add flair to your yard.

pool patio outside of large white home

Mountain Road Landscaping can build a retaining wall using materials to match and coordinate with your existing landscaping and hardscaping areas for a flattering and cohesive look. We design and build custom outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens, paver driveways and walkways to fit your style and budget.

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