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Why You Should Hire Snow Removal Services!

In the United States, an average of 80 to zero inches falls during wintertime. Are you ready for it when it arrives?

Snow removal is easy for some, but that’s only when we’re lucky to get a light dusting. Most of us in eastern PA can recall the major snowstorm we dealt with in 2021 that delivered an average of 17 inches of snow with an astounding two feet of snow in some areas. Not only was it a high amount of snow, but the icy, wet, heavy snow is often dangerous to move even for the most well-prepared, physically fit homeowner.

Hiring a professional landscaping and snow removal company like Mountain Road Landscaping means that, while you’ll have to spend some money instead of exclusive manpower, you’ll guarantee you and your family are safe while having peace of mind over an unnecessary hospital visit. With our snow management services, you can schedule regular snow removal, or call us for emergency snow removal service, meaning that if we get more than was predicted – which is often the case – you won’t be left struggling.

That being said, most snow removal services recommend starting early, doing your research before snow season arrives means that you won’t even have to make a call on a snowy morning – we’ll be on our way before you can even press snooze on your alarm. Most snow removal services charge according to driveway length and how challenging it is to remove snow from that space as well as snow amounts. Don’t risk fines for breaking city ordinances on safe sidewalks, contact us to ask about all of these details as well as payment options. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our methods and processes, personnel, equipment, and liability!