1. Be prepared, have your shovels and de-icing materials available.
  2. Shoveling can be a great workout. However, don’t overexert yourself. Each year there are approximately 100 people who die while shoveling snow. Wet snow is considerably heavier than the dry, fluffy stuff; 6 inches of wet snow is equivalent to 38 inches of dry snow.
  3. Instead of shoveling, buy your own snow blower.
  4. Or consider hiring a snow removal service.
  5. Mark your driveway with reflective posts to indicate where your lawn and landscape area is to avoid damage to your yard.
  6. Figure out where the snow will go whether you shovel or plow your driveway, parking lot and walkway.
  7. Remove a few inches of snow at a time instead of a large amount. Shovel your snow for every 4 to 6 inches of accumulated snow to keep it manageable.
  8. Prevent salt damage to your lawn and driveways. Switching from salt to safer ice melting products. It will help prevent more costly repairs. Salt also hurts your pets’ paws.
  9. Apply de-icing material carefully! Stay away from lawn and landscape areas and the edges of driveways and walkways.
  10. Avoid making walking paths on your lawn since over time walking on snow and ice will damage or kill a dormant lawn.

10 Residential and Commercial Snow Removal Tips: Protect Your Property 1

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